Monday, November 12, 2007

A New Woman!

I've had this pain in my back for about three weeks now, and it's not getting better. I called the oncologist today to see what to do about it. He's on vacation all week. Not being a big fan of pain, I decided to take things into someone else's hands, and got an appointment for a massage.

I had a one hour massage today, and I am a new woman!!!! It is amazing what a massage will do for you! It's not the total cure for this back pain, but it sure did help. The funny thing that happened was that as she was massaging my face and scalp, I was wondering if it might freak out the massage lady if my eyebrows fell off? I looked when I got out, and sure enough there's a big gap now in my right eyebrow. I've been being careful with them because I knew they'd been feeling "fragile" and like they might fall out. Oh well, it'll just make my facial expressions more interesting, eh?

Now, if you need a laugh about Thanksgiving, go watch this clip. It's FUNNY.

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Susan said...

It sounds like you feel great! A massage must be better than drugs. Now if you could just get the clerk from your last post to get a massage, maybe she would be more positive.

Too bad about your eyebrows, but less to keep up with!

Glad you are feeling good today.