Thursday, November 15, 2007

Can You Hear the Angelic Choir?

They are singing; I'm sure of it. I chased down some of the details with the insurance companies today. One is being downright rediculous in it's incompetence. I'm getting ready to call the state insurance commissioner and see if they will help me out with them. The insurance company that I added during open enrollment and which went into effect on 8/1/07 and I was diagnosed with BC on 8/2/07 has decided that I'm covered and they've cut a check! A fat one. It will be nice to pay some bills instead of only collecting them!

Back still hurts.

I went to pottery this week and feel GOOD about what I was making tonight. I made a soap dish, a a couple of small bowls and a something-or-other, and a trivit. That's a lot for me. I very much felt good doing pottery tonight. When I feel good about what I'm doing, it's a lot more fun!

I changed the water in the fish tank in preparation for being "down" next week. I will cook dinner tomorrow for all of us. I try to earn my keep a little bit. Sometime this weekend I'll get groceries set up in advance of treatment #4.

Life is better when you know that the checks coming IN are bigger than the checks going OUT. I'm relieved.

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Susan said...

Money coming in - a very good thing! And pottery class sounds like fun, I bet I know what everyone in your family is getting for Christmas!

Last night on the news I saw Robin Roberts (from Good Morning America) getting her head shaved because her hair was all falling out from chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer, it made me think of you.

Here is the story:

I hope you have a great weekend.