Saturday, November 03, 2007

OK, I couldn't make today interesting.

This is a picture from my summer trip to Connecticut. I just wanted to brighten things up a bit on the blog. Who can't smile at daisies?

Usually I can entertain myself and keep busy. Today was a lost moment in time. I don't have the attention span to really do much reading, unfortunately. I've had a lot of muscle aches and pains today, likely from the neulasta. Evidentally there is a four-day span before that kicks in for me. So, today I just was a bum.

I am filled up with quiet, personal time. Something so precious and difficult to find under normal circumstances is so abundant now that I long for a little excitement -- just a little. It seems somehow selfish and wrong to complain about an abundance of time, in a hurry-up, super-busy world.

God bless the ladies at my townhome that have taken care of me by pushing the trash dumpster out to the road, and back. Blessings on the mail lady who is so kind and generous of heart. Thanks and blessings on all those who think of and pray for me. I know it all helps.

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Anonymous said...

Listen, woman worrior, you make everyday interesting if not for your self for everyone out there that looks up to you.I feel that way every night, it's the lonelest time for me, but ya know what? If it wasn't for you I would be down in the dumps 24/7. Yes thats right, god put you in my life at a time when I was at my lowest.For what you are going threw and the outlook you have about it, I knew I had a chance.Maybe god is telling you to rest and not be in such a hurry, cause you need all the strenght you can gather to fight this horrible monster. And if anyone one can do it, it's you, THE WORRIOR WOMAN. my idol. so go with the flow so you can fight another day.I am pulling for youall the way. my thoughts and prayers and all the love in the world go to you. Marilyn (red)