Friday, November 02, 2007

Yoga: An Achievable Thing

I had lots of preconceptions of what I thought yoga was. None of those preconceptions turned out to be true, at least today. It was challenging, but not some sweat-soaked experience of ups and downs. I was definitely not the lithesome thing the others in the room were, but it was still mostly achievable. Toward the end of the session my chemo nausea kicked in and I was afraid I was going to have to leave, but with some quick intervention I was able to stay despite the inconvenience.

I came home however, took a compazine for the nausea and conked out for several hours. I feel good for having tried something new. I expect I'll try again, and it'll be better next week because it's not my week for chemo. I won't be lots stronger, but I'll be less likely to wish to hurl. :)

Thanks R., for the card. It is a mountain, but I'll get there!

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