Friday, November 09, 2007

Just One Thing....Maybe Two

OK, yoga didn't kill me last Friday so I went to yoga this Friday. I sounded like popcorn crackling today. I could actually hear my vertebrae cracking one, two, three, four, five, six and then I'd move and it would start all over again. Clearly bunches of things were being challenged by the movements (or lack of them). We'll see if I'm sore tomorrow. That was one thing for Friday morning.

While I was in yoga the nurse from a doc office called and left a message that an appointment that took a near act-of-congress, had to be cancelled. Peeved me to no end. So since I was in Carrollton anyway, I went to that doc office with my appointment calendar and certain indignation to see if I could work out a new solution. It turned out the doc met with me right then. We talked and I collected information for about 45 minutes. It was very productive, helpful and unscheduled. That was two things for Friday.

Then without having anything yet to eat today, (not good planning) I ended up going to my next appointment. I got to sit through it. But, this was three things for Friday.

I was supposed to go to Hobby Lobby afterwards, but I was HUNGRY and so I went to the closest good food place to get some. I felt better after eating, and visited a couple shops around the square to browse. (This was probably not the best bit of strategic thinking I've ever made.) Of course I got weak and wobbly and had to go home RIGHT then.

I have this pain in my right, middle of my back that keeps bothering me. I put the heating pad on it but I think I'm going to mention it to the oncologist next week because it just keeps coming back, and coming back and it hurts!

Thankfully, I got invited out to dinner or I just wouldn't have had any. I got a little time to visit with Jenn. For a day that was planned to only have two things to do in it, a bunch of stuff ended up in there. My wobbly self just about couldn't handle it either. It's really, really hard to understand that I can really only do one, maybe two things in a day. That's it. The one person I can't seem to convice of that truth is ME.

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