Saturday, November 10, 2007

"God Bless You"

Today I ran by Betty's and got her grocery list. Then I went to Ingle's where they are a small grocery with one of those little scooter shopping carts. I did her shopping made more exciting by the fact that it was Saturday and that cart steers so weird that I'm a CRAZY driver. But she's stocked up with food and cigarettes and so I don't have to worry about her for a bit. Lately I've been letting the bag boys take my groceries to the truck because I'm such a weenie. Today it was a kid from my school. He asked me if I was the teacher from his school that had been out. I acknowledged that I was. Then he said, "We'll all be glad when you can come back." I don't know this dear child, but clearly he think's I'm dying or something. I don't know what, but when he finished loading up the groceries, he was all choaked up when he turned to leave he said, "God bless you." I guess I don't look like the poster child for what''s "healthy." I thought it was sweet of him though to show he cared. He didn't have to say a thing.

I took Betty her groceries, and she is increasingly peeved with me for not staying and putting her groceries away for her! I put the groceries down in the kitchen, and she wanted to know if I'd put them away? I put the meat away and other cold stuff (Because she's been known to leave meat in an odd spot and let it spoil.), but then I left. She said, "I'll put them away later." (That means, Peggy will put them away on Monday, is my guess.) Betty clearly is now used to me wearing the kerchief, and she sees it as "normal." Therefore, she had no questions for me about how I was doing. She doesn't perceive me as "ill" anymore. She just thinks I'm being rude when I don't put her groceries away like I used to do.

I'm very much more affected by the cold outside. I don't know if it is because I'm past all the hot I felt from menopause, or if it is a result of the chemo or what. But the cold chills me to the bone now, and it's hard to get warm again once I've gotten chilled. If I had a husband, tonight he'd be howling from the cold feet I'd be trying warm against him. Since I only have cats, I guess the heating pad and a surrender to the thermostat god will have to suffice. After years and years of being too warm, it is bazaar for me to feel cold!

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing...but I guess you already know I think that. Love reading your blog. Where do you get the energy? I went to Winn-Dixie today, put away my groceries and took an hour nap. I guess my age is showing.