Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm Officially an Old Lady

Every parish I've ever been in where they had a full-time administrative person, there's always been a gaggle of old ladies that came in on newsletter day. They would do in three hours what any two people could do in 1-1/2, but it doubled as social time for the old ladies. Today, I was officially inducted into the old lady world by folding and sorting the church newsletter. I'm glad to be doing something useful, and getting out of the house. No gaggle of old ladies today though; it was just me.

My friend T. was honored tonight for being the teacher of the year at my school. I wantd to surprise him by being at the ceremony. He didn't show up for the ceremony, so I called him afterwards. He was so incredibly out of his head that I felt really bad. It was obvious that he was unable to travel or do anything remotely cognitive until at least after his surgery on the 20th. I hate it that he is so debilitated. I hope he gets major relief from his pain with the surgery.

It was fun to see E., R., A., T., L., and A. & M. Even Mr. R. spoke to me, and I never thought he had a clue who I was, but I guess it's pretty obvious when you're the only hairless one around.

Today I had nearly no nausea and felt more myself than I have felt in a week or so. I wanted to be able to do the newsletter and attend the ceremony and I was able to do it. That makes me happy. T., I hope you feel better really soon. :(

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Susan said...

Welcome to the old ladies club! That reminds me, my youngest granddaughter said she found me a club to join - she saw a group of ladies wearing red hats at a local restaurant... I don't think so, not yet honey!

I am glad you got out and about, it sounds like a great day. Hope you have a good weekend, also. Take it easy, don't do too much.