Wednesday, October 03, 2007

United Health Care

OK, I got a call from my insurance company today. They wanted me to know that I could go get a second opinion at Sloan-Kettering or MD Anderson if I wanted to. In fact they encouraged me to do so. I can't imagine trying to travel right now. Some days just sitting up is hard work. However, as a triple negative, going to well-known specialty care hospitals seems like a good idea. I'm open to anything I can do beyond the chemotherapy. Being a somewhat skeptical person though, I have to wonder if the insurance company could use the second opinion as a way to limit the treatment available to me?

Thanks to my secret pal at school. I love the plate and matching cup. I enjoyed seeing you today E. Sorry my place was in such a state of disorder. Those that wish to e-mail me at my home addy can do so using my name without any dots You do not have to have a gmail account to just e-mail me privately.

There's an article in O magazine this month about the high rate of triple negative breast cancer in women of African decent. They have about a three times more common rate of being a triple negative than whites. The thing that struck me was how dismal the article is about the future for us. It's one reason I'd really consider going to Texas or New York for treatment evaluation / 2nd opinion / treatment. Makes it scary. I'm a chicken anyway, but reading articles like that just plain depress me!

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ps said...

Hi there Joann! Pam here.....
Never read all those bad stories, etc. - they are just like the evening news. You never hear the good stories - just the bad sensational ones. I have a friend who is now 5 years out and my sister in law is a 10 year survivor. You will be joining their ranks! I was just reading the other day that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women but that it has a 90% 5year survival rate! One word of caution - never fully trust your employer or your insurance company.

Hang in there!