Tuesday, October 09, 2007

TAC #2

8:45 am I got my butt to the oncologist's office and by the time they got through putting the drugs in me, it was 3PM. I already have fuzzy teeth, but at least that's just annoying. I'm taking my compazine to ensure I don't get nausea, and so far it's working. The mind-blowing suggestion today from the oncologist is that he thinks I should have my breast surgery after treatment #3 on Oct 23. So that means I have to get on board with figuring out how much and what will be eliminated. I'm kind of attached to all my original manufacturer's design specifications, but recognize I have to be aggressive in killing an aggressive cancer. I've asked a plastic surgeon for a consult so that maybe I can sort out what's logical and appropriate. Hopefully after I talk to him, I'll have more clarity about what to do, how much it will hurt and how big the cuts have to be? Most important, what do I need to do so that I can be most assured the cancer won't return? It's a muddle and driven by statistical analyses, and I want to go outside the statistical box and do what's the safest bet.

I also found out today that a "revised" pathology report has been submitted. What's up with that? Of course the "Records" lady couldn't tell me what the revision is, but I asked her to fax the report to Dr. P and maybe he can give me a clue tomorrow. I'm trying hard not to get too frustrated/anxious about it, but it's ANOTHER weirdity about me and my pathology. This is actually the FOURTH pathology report. What the heck is new? Is it bad? Is it good? Is it just information? I think I don't like pathologists.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are still in good spirits after treatment #2. And chalk up 1 for good insurance - that they will allow you to travel for a 2nd opinion and take someone with you. You will remain in my prayers.

Holly M.