Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The newlasta that I take the day after my chemotherapy is a simple shot put in my belly subcutaneously. What is not so simple is that when I get the bill it will be for about $1,800. Amazing isn't it? I realize there is no price on a life, and I'm grateful to have insurance that covers so much of my fees. But it's scary how much most of these drugs cost. It's also amazing that there is a drug available that will help stimulate my bone marrow so that I make more red blood cells. I was stunned yesterday when talking to a friend to find out a friend of hers, taking chemo, age 34, died from complications from her chemo. I'm 21 years older than her. Older means more tired, more worn out parts, and less energy to fight the fatigue.

I've spent the last 24 hours doing a lot of research on breast reconstruction options, what my insurance will cover or not cover, and looking into my heart and mind to figure out what options I can most comfortably live with. That's the key...LIVING with it. I have about two weeks to decide what surgical option I'm likely to feel best having. I see the surgeon and plastic surgeon on the 22nd to plan that out some. I haven't got any idea about how to squeeze in time to go to MD Anderson. I'm also nervous about Jenn going with me, as she gets closer and closer to her due date. I think if I even go, it will need to be with someone else as my traveling assistant and medical advocate.

Thanks to everyone at school that participated in the food drive. Angela, Angie and Ravonda were kind enough to be the food delivery fairies and visit for a short while. I get a little lonely at times so the visit is as precious as the food. Thanks everyone. It's wonderful to feel so cared about.

Time to head for bed. If patterns repeat, I'll start to get more weak starting tomorrow.

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