Monday, October 08, 2007

American Cancer Society -- Thanks!

Today I went to the ACS program "Look good -- Feel Better." I thought it was a kind of hokey idea. But when you're bald you'll grasp at straws to improve your looks. It was, in fact, kind of affirming to be in a room with a half dozen other bald ladies. We got to try on wigs, learn some make-up tips about how to care for skin that is changed as a result of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and generally giggle like 13 year old girls. It was rather uplifting and it was fun. I'm grateful for the bag of very high class cosmetics and the tips on how to use them. Soon I'm likely to lose my eyebrows and eyelashes and without some make-up I'm going to look pretty odd!

I got the nicest gift bag from P.H. at school. Thank you so much. Your thoughtfulness and prayers are appreciated. Thanks to D., L., & C. for the lovely card with such supportive sentiments. Jeff, please tell all the students THANK YOU for the banner, and basket of cards. I'm keeping all my cards together for those low moments that are inevitable when recovering from a long treatment like I have ahead of me. Thanks to A. also for just being the kind, good person that you are. You're a gem.

Today I didn't need a nap! First time since my chemo three weeks ago. Tomorrow I get #2. This time I know what to take with me, and what to expect to a degree. I talked to my insurance company about the potential for visiting MD Anderson in Houston for a 2nd opinion. They are considered one of the Cancer Centers of Excellence and my insurance is offering to let me and a travel assistant go there to have my records and cancer situation reviewed to assure I'm getting all the treatment necessary to attempt to control my cancer. Personally, I'm stunned that my insurance has offered such a treatment review. Presently, they say that MD Anderson won't examine me until I finish my chemo, so we'll see what develops.


Episcopollyanna said...

I found your blog on the DOK list. Just wanted to let you know that I've added you to my prayer list. God bless. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you look mavalous darlin,looks like you lost weight,great!I think large hoop wire earrings would offset your head wrap perfectly.Just a suggestion. your perfect anyway.Can't improve perfection. All my prayers, thoughts and love going your way. Marilyn (red)

Susan said...

Looking good! Glad you went to the program. Positive thoughts heading your way.

What is the DOK list?