Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quiet in Bremen

All my running about yesterday really wore me down, so I went to church this morning (Thanks Hazel for thinking I'm "gorgeous.") and had breakfast with Betty and N. and then went home about noon to take a nap. I'll still sleep well tonight, becuase I'm just really tired.

Tomorrow I need to lay in groceries for ME because Tuesday is the 30th and that's treatment #3, (Really it is, N.).

Weather is crisp. I'm beginning to use the heavier hats when I go outside more. N. was nice enough to leave me with several to wear, and even one that my grandson and I can go out with in matching sets! Thanks for the other goodies too!

Thanks N. for being the best friend Betty could ever have. Your visits enrich her life so much! You get lots of stars in your heavenly crown for loving her enough to visit now when it's hard for her to be a friend back.

Hazel (my priest) told this story this morning: According to an old Cherokee legend, a wise elder was consulted about the concerns of life. He replied to his questioner that he had two wolves. One was dark, snarling, vicious and represented the darker side of humans (gossip, vice, pain and fear). The other wolf was light, friendly and pleasing, representing the lighter side of humans (compassion, love, charity). The questioner asked the elder, "Which one rules your life?" The elder replies, "The one you feed." It's easy to feed the dark wolf when you have cancer because fear surely is a driving force in day-to-day living. But I struggle to linger with the light wolf. I think most people do, if they are thinking and caring people.

I'm off to bed!

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Susan said...

It sounds like you are getting a lot done despite being so tired. Glad you were able to go to the caching event! Those are always a lot of fun.

Thanks for the Cherokee story, something to remember, and so true. Hope you have a great week!