Monday, October 29, 2007


I spent two hours on the phone this morning trying to unravel a mystical medical insurance knot that belongs to Betty. I think (but can't swear to it) that I unraveled her Gordeon knot of insurance antagonism.

I spent two hours on the phone working with doctor offices, writing permissions, and tracking that records have been sent. I'm totally alienating the lady at this one insurance company with my dogging of my file. This also required me to write a letter, and deliver it to a doctor in Carrollton and BEG them to fax the information to the insurance company. Yes, I actually begged the lady. I'm willing to surrender all dignity if I can actually get my files completed so that the insurance company can flip a coin to decide if they'll cover me or not! My Gordeon knot is getting to be pretty tiresome to work on.

I went to Home Depot (a place I hate and wish I didn't have to patronize) and got a new kitchen fawcet. Anyone know where I can rent a husband / handiman / handiwoman? I have learned the hard way, that I am not allowed to attempt to work with plumbing. I will happily pay someone to install the new fawcet. I also have a couple of loose roof shingles, if that person is versatile.

Then I went to EfM. Can you tell this is week 3 after chemo? Tomorrow I'll reset back to zero because I get my third chemo treatment. Gosh I hope it is much like #2. I actually had less problems with #2 than I did with #1 (stop laughing, I'm not talking about toilet concerns).

Sleep calls.

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