Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Good News From the Insurance Company

See the e-mail excerpt below:

Ms. Ward, I received notification this morning that medical records came in yesterday and the pre-existing condition investigation has been completed. It has been determined that the right breast cancer is not a pre-existing condition. Your claim will now be processed.

This will be a welcome solution to income/outgo issues, especially with hospitals where my 10% co-pay is still a nice chunk of change.

I got treatment #3 today. The oncologist told me today that I was doing excellently well for someone on my particular type of chemo (TAC). I always feel like such a wimp that it made me feel good for him to say that. Aside from the five days of decadron (steroids) when I have trouble sleeping and feel kind of crappy, followed by the nulasta shot that gives me joint pain (flu-like symptoms) as a side effect, and endless fatigue, I'm doing well. Other symptoms can pop up at any time. I've heard of two deaths recently of younger women who died from complications from chemo, so I always know the risk is out there, but I feel very blessed. My tumor is shrinking, and frankly I thought I'd feel worse (and I may at some point), but up until now, it's tolerable.

N. I did four puzzles today while passing time getting chemo. These are puzzles that are made for ME! I can figure them out without having a Ph.D. I have some tunes on a little MP3 player and I want to download some more so that I have more variety. I was the only person there listening to music and I was toe-tapping in the air the whole time listening to upbeat music. It really helps to pass the time in a positive way.

I came home to a special card from one of my chemo angels. See the image at the top of the blog. She does such beautiful creations, and it's so uplifting to get these beautiful things when you step out of the car coming home from chemo and there it is! Thanks, P. I'll look foreword to the book too. I think you plant very nice seeds with your cards. :) I also got a card from my dear friend R. I'm keeping every card I get in a basket by the bed. When I feel like throwing a pity party, I look at all my cards and feel loved. Thanks to everyone that fills that basket. Each one is a treasure.

Now, I'm going to call the local hardware store and see if they can recommend someone to come install my faucet.


Allen said...

I don't know if it appeals to you, but I use my mp3 player more for audiobooks than music. Project gutenberg has public domain books in mp3 format just download and put in the player. http://www.gutenberg.org/browse/categories/1 This week I have been listening to "The Gods of Mars" on the commute to and from work.

Susan said...

Great news from the insurance company! What kind of puzzles are you doing? Crossword puzzles? Listening to upbeat music is a great idea. Anything to make the time pass by would be great, have you tried reading? Of course, if I was reading I would be asleep soon. My husband's parents were both on kidney dialysis, three days a week, about 4 hours each time, your description reminded me of that process.

BTW thanks for the link to my blog on your sidebar! But it doesn't actually go to my blog, a minor glitch.

Hope you have a good post treatment day, and happy Halloween!