Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Neulasta Day & More Good News

Slept in today and did my best to be a human paperweight this morning. Accompanied Jenn to Wal-mart for a short time, and then went and got my neulasta. The outstanding news is that this morning, I called the OTHER cancer policy, and they verified this morning that they have completed my file and that if I called back on Friday they'd likely have reached a determination.

I got to see Liam give out Halloween candy and helped him take a bath. It was fun to be with him for a bit and see all the other Trick-or-treaters come by. This year was more sane, and not so many kids were literally being trucked in, although we did have two strange men come down, park at the end of the cul-de-sac and relieve themselves in the bushes! Afterwards they (adults) went up the street without any trick-or-treaters. The whole neighborhood had eyes on them and had they pegged for child molesters! Yuck.

There is a commercial on TV that I love. It's by Hoover and a large black dog walks into an all white house, gives itself a good shake all over and explodes into 20 little black dogs and an explosion of hair. I love to watch it when it comes on. It's just cute. You can go to the site and in the lower right hand corner, and vew "latest commercials" to see if. I can't link to it though and youtube doesn't have a copy of it yet either.

Special thanks to Angie & Ravonda who came by yesterday to make sure I had my mail from school. You folks are just the BEST!

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Susan said...

That commercial is great, I had not seen it yet on television, but I don't watch that much. All those different kinds of black dogs!

BTW, it is spelled Neulasta in case you care! Sorry, I type it every day, I even have a shortcut program - I just have to type the letters 'neu' and it comes up.

Glad you got to enjoy Halloween!

Have a great day - being a human paperweight sounds like it might be a good way to pass the time, catching up on your rest.