Friday, October 12, 2007

Eating Out with Betty

Betty's social censor is broken, so she doesn't remember anymore to try and be descrete when she's burping. That can be somewhat disconcerting when you have her at a restaurant. Tonight she wanted to go out, so I reminded her to use her best manners and not be as relaxed as she would be at home. She said, "Oh my goodness." And she was great at the restaurant. If I can remind her and she will be more conscious about her actions she'll extend her time with me being willing to take her out. We went to Juanito's and she had her favorite and some flan, and enjoyed ourselves very nicely. It doesn't take much to have excitement in Bremen on a Friday night.

My mouth tastes like metal. It's hard to taste much right now because everything tastes like a nickle or dime. Makes it hard to enjoy eating out, but today was the last day of decadron (steroids) so maybe that will clear up a bit in the next few days.

Today's useful thing of the day was to clean the goldfish tank.

That's the best I can do right now. Just a little jelly-like feeling in my arms and legs and trying to keep on keepin' on. I didn't sleep much last night probably due to the decadron, so I'm hoping tonight I can get some rest. That will perk me up a bit too. Don't you love these cooler nights and bright fall days?

Out of the 13 votes for travel locations, it is clear that people want to go places where people look most like us WASPs and are more likely to speak English (Europe & Scandanavia), or at a minimum look similar to us (Central / South America) and are not volunteering to go to Asia or India (Though I suspect the number of English speakers in India would be pretty high.). I've wanted to see Lake Baikal in western Russia for decades. I think my chances of taking the Trans Siberian RR are pretty low now. I'll have to visit Lake Baikal virtually.

Let's see where the next survey takes us!

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