Sunday, October 14, 2007


I had a dear friend come show me about juicing yesterday. Jenn and Eric lent me a juicer they have, and then P. my long time friend and health food advocate, came and gave me a lesson on how to use the borrowed juicer. As a 1950's American more in-tune with pizza and tv-dinners the idea of juicing is a pretty revolutionary idea for me! But hydration and hydration with good stuff is important. I discovered that carrot juice is nummy with a little apple in it or a tad of celery. I may not ever turn into a healthy eater, but I think I can improve and be more healthy. My tastebuds are under attack right now and food is harder to enjoy in the same way, so exploring new food options is good for now. I've become a fiend about apples and peanutbutter, which I feel is pretty good because it's protein and fiber and good taste. The tastiest experience yesterday was something I am not sure my poor, noral blender can do, but which P's exotic blender makes magnificiently: a wonderful sorbet / ice-cream-like mix of sherberty delight. Put some frozen bananas into the exotic blender with some strawberries and out comes this stuff that is so wonderful! Yummmmmm. I have three bananas on-hand and they are popped into the freezer right now to see what my blender will do with them in the near future.

I'd gone about five nights without more than an hour or two of sleep and was getting pretty grumpy and aggitated. Last night, I surrendered to "better living through chemistry" and just decided it was time for DRUGS (legal of course!). I slept a deep sleep last night that was soooooo refreshing and so good for me. It helped a lot, but I still have a lot of aches and pains from the neulasta or laziness or who-knows-what. So, my joints are achy. I want to go outside and just sit in the sun for a bit, and may yet, but am terribly effected by fatigue right now, which is right on target with where I am with chemo -- so maybe it's not a character flaw but more chemical in origin. Or maybe I'm am a bum. Who's to say? (Please don't.)

Whatever "get-up-and-go" I ever had, has "gotten-up-and-gone." I'm a wimp of aches, pains, and tiredness. Not a genuine happy camper at the present. But in a day or two, perhaps that will be cured. The one thing I learn is that day-to-day this chemical mix changes and so does how I feel.


Susan said...

The juicer sounds like a lot of fun, trying different combinations. As far as the sleeping drugs, even tho you may not agree with using them, your body getting its rest is an important part of recovery, so use them if needed!

thurman waits said...

First time to visit. I miss and think of you often. Do get rest.