Saturday, September 22, 2007

If Crap was Holy, My Place Would be the Vatican!

I thought surely I was getting stronger, and I felt a little more like myself last night. However, my tummy was NOT happy with anything complex in it, and spaghetti was way, way too complex! The sad result was cramps and an all-night run between the bed and bathroom, that got pretty old. I surrendered this morning to anything complicated, and just managed to go to the local drugstore and get some Immodium (large supply!) and some of those BOOST drinks. I've hydrated slowly today, and enjoyed the smooth liquid going down my throat. It tastes like it has candles melted into the liquid, but it goes down nice, and it's not into high volume exit production, or cramping, so I'm happy. I got brave this evening and have warmed some chicken soup and had a little, and it was heavenly.

Betty just called me and wanted to know if I was feeling up to taking her out to dinner? She said she had enough cigarettes and food to keep her going until I got well. I've got some bad news for her. This could last a little longer than she anticipates.

The joint pain is diminishing some, so that's an improvement! With luck by tomorrow I'll be able to re-claim membership in the human race. Phew, last night was tough!

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