Friday, September 21, 2007

Post-poned Events

I couldn't work yesterday at all. Today I was supposed to be in North Atlanta at 7:30 am for a post-surgical follow-up. It didn't happen. I had planned to drive myself, but knew last night that such a trek was not possible. My daughter has kindly sacrificed her day off, Monday, to haul me up to my surgeon and back.

These changes then cause changes in the "Cut for the Cure." Scheduled, originally, for Monday, the winning student will cut my ponytail off, to be donated to "Locks of Love" on Tuesday instead of Monday. Sorry to anyone that was effected by the changes.

Thanks to Jen and Eric for making sure my puny self got something warm and nummy to eat for dinner last night. The interesting "fun fact for the day" yesterday was finding out that on chemotherapy, green beans taste good. Never liked them. Ever. On chemo, they taste good. Who knew?

Still feel very weak and .....well not myself at all, but at least having admitted defeat to the chemo-monster, I'm able to just stop struggling frantically to do what has obviously become impossible. Things will improve, just not today.

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