Monday, August 27, 2007

My Son-in-Law Wants to Know if I'm USB-compatible

No, I'm not trying to be "snooty" or show you my nose hairs. This is two shots of me (taken by me) showing the dressing and then one with my shirt in it's normal position. You can't see the BIG spot where the port was inserted, just a little spot on my neck where the doc had to turn the catheter down toward my HEART!

Of course if I do it, it has to be done a particular way. I wore a shirt with an open neckline. I had my daughter trace the line of the shirt on my body, and then she traced the line where my bra is. We requested that if physiology made it possible, could the radiologist please place the port there so that it wouldn't be awfully visible once it had healed? He looked and said, "sure." He appears to be able to do surgery between the lines, quite literally. I have to leave the dressings on for a week, so It'll be a bit obvious that I had something, but after that, I think it'll stay nicely and discretely hidden behind the neckline of most of my dresses and shirts.

I'm very appreciative to the surgeon for being willing to take my preferences into account when placing the port.

I was supposed to go tomorrow for a visit with the oncologist to select treament, but there was some sort of mess-up at the lab, and so he thinks I'll be able to meet with him Friday to select treatment options. Jenny will come too to be able to help me wade through the medicalese.

Being the super chicken that I am, I'm surprised that things went as smoth as they did (They needed me awake to do the surgery!). I'm really feeling ok, but am not supposed to do anything strenuous for the next while. Thankfully I don't work in a warehouse on in construction!

One of the interesting details is that I can't get the dressing wet so they recommended I use "Saran Wrap Press & Seal" to cover the dressings for the next two weeks! I would have never thought that stuff would cling to skin, but evidentally it does. Learned a new thing today.

I now have my first piece of armor in my fight against the enemy within. Let's get this show on the road!

I ordered a nice little feminine-looking cap to wear when the hair starts to go. I'm going to get my hair cut short before it falls out, and when it's gone I can wear a tad of a covering but nothing that'll make me hot like a wig would. I was glad the cap came Saturday. When the hair goes, I'll have a tad of something to adorn my pate with. I also plan to getting some simply outrageous earings to offset the bald look too.

Now doc, let's attack this stuff! I won't ever be ready, but I am as ready as I'll ever be!

The novacaine has worn off and I don't much feel like taking a pain pill yet. Maybe later. It's a good thing it doesn't hurt much because the fools at Northside forgot to give me a script for anything really good.

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