Sunday, August 26, 2007

Awwww, Isn't She Cute?

Couldn't stand it. Just got this and had to share. This is a picture of my grand-daughter in the making. Sometime around December we'll get to see her up close and personal. In the mean time, here's a preview courtesy of these new-fangled 3-D ultrasounds. I have to say, I watched them do this ultrasound and most of the time all I could see was the head, and once the vertebrae, and a foot and arm. She seems to like to have her arms and hands up close to her face. I'm betting on a thumb sucker. When they got to the shot for the sex, I looked while Jenn covered her eyes. I could never be an ultrasound technician because I'm not able to visualize what the heck I'm looking at about 80% of the time, and was definitely CLUELESS on the sex shot. You'd think it would be obvious, but nooooooo, it's not. In any case, I'm told it's a girl. I'm tickled that I get to be a grammy to a girl now. Wheeeeeee!!!!

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