Thursday, February 05, 2009

Testing III

Well, it appears we're all going to get a review of Roman numerals. The oncologist is sending me Monday for a CAT scan. It appears the ultrasound was inadequate, and because there are so many organs in the area where I'm not feeling so wonderful, he thinks I should have a CAT scan. So, OK. I'll find out next Friday what the results are. His guess: nothing really scary. But it's just a guess. I'll feel better when I am more certain that there isn't anything scary there.

Have frabric and the idea for a quilt rolling around in my head. It's got to start happening for real soon.

Trying so very hard not to let work get to me. Stress just isn't good for anyone.


Watercolor said...

Hugs. Relax as best you can.

Susan said...

Gotta love the docs, hurry up and wait. Don't sweat it if possible. So what kind of quilt are you making? Pattern? Colors? We want to see!

Amber said...

Praying, my friend. Praying.