Sunday, February 08, 2009

Day Butterfly House 2-7-09

We went to the Day Butterfly House at Calloway Gardens yesterday. It was fun and exhausting. I don't think the children even noticed the butterflies! Liam did have an incredibly fun time riding his tricycle all over the paths there. He worked really, really, really hard at being civilized -- something very, very difficult to do when you're 3 going on 4. Jewel took her first walk with a harness on, and was accepting of it, all things considered. Safer in crowds and by the water.

Some of the creatures we went to see.

Jewel never noticed the butterflies but she was fascinated by the waterfalls and water features.

This is Jenn and Liam looking down from the top of a water feature. As little boys must, Liam had to make sure the water was really wet. ;)

Are these some of the happiest kids you've ever seen or what! Today at Tanner State Park, family got together for Jenn's birthday picnic. It was fabulous until Liam cut his toe. Ooops.

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Amber said...

We're going to head to Callaway next week hopefully, and the Animal Safari nearby. I love the butterfly house!

Calypso said...

I haven't been there in ages. How wonderful! Good for you to get out like this! SOunds like you had a fantastic time with the wee ones.

Watercolor said...

Fun!!!! How gorgeous they are!