Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Year Surgical Check-up

Tomorrow before the crack of dawn, I'm leaving to go see my surgeon for my one year check-up. I really want her to know I appreciate the quality of her work-womanship. I know I had to have a revision to make things more comfortable, but let's face it, she had a canvas for her art that was about three times larger than the average. So, GOOD JOB! My surgery was done when Jewel was weeks old. Now she's over a year old.

I did not die from cholera, flu or anything else last night. I was sickies with the kind of problem that is solved with the great drug: Imodium. Today I just drank dilute juice and had some crackers and ate a coconut popsicle. I had the aching in the joints and all the other symptoms of flu or some other virus. I can't believe I worked today, but honestly I didn't feel bad.

I talked to the principal today and also our FFA and Horticulture (same guy) teacher. We're going to get some kind of tree to plant in Jeff's memory on the campus. I like the idea of something big and living and still growing to be there to honor his memory. I think he'd like that too. The SGA kids are going to be a part of the project. I've pledged a portion of the cost of a tree, and they'll add some $$ and design a ceremony for the planting. I'm pleased that will work out (at least it looks like it will).

I'm racing to the end-of-the-year deadline for paperwork already. It's very stressful and I SWORE I wouldn't let myself get all wrought up by paperwork anymore. Well.....guess what?! It's hard to not get anxious over paperwork that's 24 or more pages long and which constitute a legal document. The complexity of these things are incredible. There's also stresses which I just can't talk about. It's a very poor county. I hope some stimulus money comes the Title I way to us. The "check" is supposed to be in the mail and to reach the states tomorrow. Maybe our governor will let some of it through to the actual places it's really needed. One can hope, anyway.

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