Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jewel and I

Jewel and I hung out for a large portion of today. We made a trip to the mall where my big accomplishment was buying a couple books and eating lunch. Jewel is getting more and more independent. She doesn't want to hold hands anymore -- just wants to explore where here eyes take her. She is 14 months now and babels away sounding just like she's saying things, but there aren't many words yet. I know the day is coming when those cute babbling sounds will turn into, "Grammy I want....!"

It's weird at times when I get reminders about how far out in the country (rural) my school is. I ran over to another county facility on Friday. On the way back I stopped at a little quick mart to get a cold drink. As I was stepping out of the store I heard the unmistakable report of a gun. I looked up and there's a dude at the far end of the parking lot taking pot shots at crows with a rifle. Yup, that was a gun. Yup we're in the country.

It was nice to have a quiet day today Spent a little time tonight studying how to get about in Ireland. Anyone that's been is welcome to send ideas for places to go and things to see. Recommendations for good places (inexpensive but clean) are appreciated too. It's fun making plans for something that doesn't involve teens or "responsibility."


Watercolor said...

My boss went a few years ago. I'll try to remember to ask him. I do remember him saying he ate a LOT of potatoes.... all the side dishes were just different ways to make potatoes... lol. He ate in a lot of pubs to save cash.

Mel said...

Are you my Facebook? I haven't seen you there, but my buddy Meghan (in DC now) went several years ago. She loved it. Hope you're doing well. I'm not staying on top of email and blogs sufficiently as my work world tends to take all my time.