Friday, January 09, 2009

Little Pink Bunting

My one-year-old sweet granddaughter is snoozing right beside me. She ate a whole container of vanilla yogurt like a little bird. She'd look up at me and open her mouth, just waiting for the next spoonful to come down from where I was standing. A shower and a bottle later and she's zonked out beside me. It's a sweet feeling to have her snuggle up to me.

Came home tired today. It's been a race to get through the week. The teacher I'm teaching with 1st block is going to be gone all next week. That's a Literature class. They have to assign me to another class either 2nd or 4th block. Third I'm with a US History teacher. My boss is looking at numbers of enrollment and she called me today to ask if I was highly qualified (it's a teacher thing) in Science. So, I'm guessing I'll be in with at least one Science class. We'll see next week.

I am thinking more seriously about taking a Chemistry class this summer to see if I can pass the certification test in the area of Science. If I can, there is the potential for me to teach in that area in a regular education class. People recognize the pressure that special ed teachers are under and I've been told that shifting from special education to science is potentially possible. It would take another school year before it'd be feasible, but at least the present folks would give it some consideration. I'm going to look into it all and give it more thought. Regular ed teachers have their own pressures, but once someone leaves special education for regular ed, they don't ever seem to come back. In fact many feel a lift from a lot of pressure. So, I'm going to follow up and see what develops.

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Watercolor said...

Enjoy the grandbaby!!

Sounds like an interesting prospect on the science thing.