Thursday, January 08, 2009


My feet no longer touch the ground at school, becasue I float. HA! In actuality, floating means I have no spot of my own and so I migrate from one room to the next. So far I'm ending up working with an 11th grade Literature class, and a US History class. It's nice to be with slightly more mature students but it will be difficult to have three preparations. No fun. Technology is my enemy. We had no access to the internet at all today. I like to show students videos and there are some great ones on the web, but (1) I can't figure out how to download any to my thumb drive, though I know there IS a way to do it; and (2) even if I got it figured out there isn't much technology in either classroom to show the video. It's a hassle.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. Maybe by next week I'll have my third class assignmnet. Hope it's something I like, with someone I'll like. Not all content teachers are suited to collaborative teaching.

Must sleep. Night all.

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Calypso said...

When I read "float" I thought you had found a pair of shoes that made you, well, float! *lol*