Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tractor Supply Company

OK, I think when you get a family gift at the Tractor Supply Company you definitely live in the country. But, there it was about six weeks ago, calling my name and going pssst, come over here, buy me! And so I did. It will be a fun family gift, I think.

Day before yesterday, Liam I went to see "Tale of Despereaux" at the movies. He hasn't been to the movies much, and so I was really glad he did well with it. He didn't even cry when I said "no" to the request for candy, but we did enjoy some popcorn. Liam is almost 4 and so I was startled when I saw it was rate PG, when driving up to the movie. It's because of some moments of "drama" that make for some tense moments. Liam sat in my lap for those, but we made it through the movie fine. I don't much care for some of the characters' stylized looks (the humans -- the rats and mice look OK to me). BUT, the messages are wholesome and presented beautifully in something akin to near reality / chartoonishness. However, analyzing the movie is NOT going to make a 3.5 year old happy. Riding in the car, I tried to ask Liam "What were some of the qualities of Despereaux that you liked?" Things like that. He promptly went into nuclear meltdown, so don't do movie analysis with a really, really young child. Stupid grammy! We both enjoyed the movie a lot. If you get stuck for something to go watch with your grandchildren for camouflage or if you just want to see something uplifting, it's a classic tale of a quest and a quest that ends in a classic happy ending. That's all I'll say. You feel a nice sense of satisfaction when you leave the movie theater.

We're going to get together as a family later today. Miss Jewel is here keeping me company, and Jenn and I have a project to do in a bit for Betty. It's all low key for me today. Everything is done! (Well, everything that is going to GET done.) On a positive note, a happy find today. I found that the files I worked so hard on (twice) yesterday, are intact! I found them and so I can do my project, it'll just go to folks after Christmas. Jewel wants to help me right now, so I'm signing off until tomorrow. I hope you and those you love are happy, healthy and bring you joy.


Watercolor said...

Yay for finding the files and for a fun movie outing with Liam!!!

Amber said...

Yipee on the files... I've been offline a few days and caught up on your adventures. I was just about to call and tell you how to find them to avoid the frustration!