Wednesday, December 03, 2008

1/2 day of students, 1/2 day of meetings

We zipped through 1/2 day of classes today. I'm not entirely sure why we got a 1/2 day off but we did. 1/2 day of meetings followed. I got Miss Jewel's birthday present and came home to rest. Very tired. I'm not on antibiotics or anything like that, but the hole in me, apparently lets energy seap out along with the poison. I just go home and can barely move for a few hours. Get up, read a bit, and "meditate" for a bit a couple times, and then it's off to sleep what I can while I can. I saw a clip of Britany Spears saying her life was so boring it was like Groundhog Day everyday. I'm feeling that a bit myself. But I bet her day is WAY more interesting than mine. It's at least skinnier.

Still have to figure out a present for Eric. He's my mystery person in a modest year of giving. Guys are always a mystery to me though. Someone, somewhere would do the world a favor if they'd just come up with something cool for a guy that isn't a tool, (I think that's like giving a George Foreman grill to mom for Christmas.) or a tie (My taste is not likely your taste.) or the lame old gift certificate or $$ (both scream to me -- You're an inadequate gift giver -- you don't even care to figure out something special for this loved one). Guys don't appear to have favorite artists you can buy a small print of, or a hobby you can add to (Golf is like the esoteric hobby of all time -- everything is customized for YOU and it all costs BUX and you're pretty much guaranteed to never get the right gizmo.). Why can't a guy have a hobby like mineature railroading where a train is a train is a train, or collecting historical documents, or lusting after some accessory like a woman's perfect purse or a great piece of jewelry. You see, it just doesn't transfer. Accessorizing for a guy just doesn't work. What is a conscientious MIL to do for an adored SIL without being a dork???? I want to be the giver of the surprise gift that is COOL. But, I've lost all cool when it comes to guys. I am..........a guy gift underachiever.

Bah. I must think outside the box, and unfortunately I haven't found "the box" yet, in order to imagine outside it.

Someone do an informal pole of their men folks and give me some ideas of what's cool in the mens world that's won't break the bank, because an LED wide screen TV is out of the question. He hates fishing. He could camp indefinitely in the case of a nuclear attack with all the cha chas necessary to make like comfortable. He's not a member of the Moose Club, Elks, Masons or any other fraternal or service organization. I mean WHAT'S A PERSON to do???????


Susan said...

Welcome to the club, nobody knows what to get guys. If they want something they go buy it. Mine likes audio books to listen to while driving to work (but he gets them at the library for free). Mine likes music (so he bought himself an MP3 player and downloads music onto it). Mine has a shop full of tools and a closet full of clothes, no more please. He likes to read (library or e-bay for favorite authors). Good luck!

Amber said...

I know it's a gift card and the stigma behind it, but I usually get a gift card to their favorite place to eat. Or I take them out to eat if I can. In these days of accumulating all kinds of "stuff," consumables are great. Guys like food. To me it doesn't have quite the same stigma as a gift card to a store, because you can't exactly go get their favorite restaurant food and wrap it.

My granddad is the worst guy to buy for because when he wants something, he just goes and buys it. Never, ever waits for a holiday and lets one of us get it for him. So we have three tried and true gifts that he loves:
1. ties (because he actually likes to wear a new one to church as often as he can)
2. peanut brittle (his one true vice)
3. a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant

Good luck, hope this helps a little.

Calypso said...

Does he read? Does he garden? Does he like coffee? (Starbucks, or Peet's coffee available at Publix) Does he need a scarf? Does he need a 'to-go' cup for in his car? Does he need a car-emergency kit? Does he like music? (I'm thinking something small like a harmonica or a kazoo *S*)
Does he live by himself, could he use something for his kitchen? Or his bathroom? (I'm thinking a nice set of GUY towels, or a joke book for the bathroom (Barnes & Noble)
Does he cook for himself? (cookbook)