Tuesday, December 09, 2008


OK, the End of Course Testing is done for me ... I think. I got totally absorbed with it and didn't have my phone with me today. So of course, today was the day that Betty got sickies enough that her caregiver called. Fortunately when she couldn't get me she called Jenny. She got in to see her doc (god bless that man) and was admitted with pneumonia. She is now attended by STAFF. Her blood is too thin too. This is her first hospitalization in at least three years or more. She's not in intensive care or anything. Just a regular hospital room where she'll take breathing treatments she doesn't want, and eat food she doesn't like, and threaten the staff with all sorts of things. she'll have nicotine patches but not cigarettes, and she'll be GRUMPY. I'm glad that with the kind of care she needs, the doc just put her butt in the hospital.

I've gotten my issue of the nether region re-examined and the doc is going to wait and watch for another month just to be sure it's not something REALLY yucky. So first thing in January I'll break in my new year of insurance with a visit to a doc about unmentionable issues.

I'll miss my year of 100% coverage, but it'll be a good year to put behind me. My insurance has definitely spent a few bucks on me this year!

God bless the cleaning diva who blessed my house with her attention today.

I'll keep all of you updated on Betty as developments arise. And lastly, poor Jewel has a cold and spent the day with mom and her great-grandma which was crumby because it was her first birthday!
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