Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Down Under Health

Well, my ovaries are healthy. My uterus is happy. I do have a fibroid in the territory, but have been told it's cool. I've got drugs to blow the fungus to the moon and back. I'm getting vitamins to build up my red blood cells and make up for some deficiencies. I have been told I need to walk EVERYday. Not every-other-day. But everyday. My insulin is too high (and that's different than blood sugar). I can be virtuous about my blood sugar, but still have an over-abundance of insulin, and insulin is bad to have hanging around. So, I'm to build MUSCLES! HA!

Gotta go feed the fish.

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Susan said...

Hi Joann! I have been reading your blog but not commenting, sorry. So much work this time of year with other folks taking time off... sometimes I think if I have to type one more thing my fingers will fall off. Just kidding, but I noticed it has put a crimp in my blog commenting.

I hope you have a very healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year!