Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Political: Depression, Anxiety or Elation, Hope

Today was a political moment when most everyone will remember where they were when they figured out who the president-elect would become. Many people saw hope for the future, someone intelligent to tackle deeply divisive problems in this country, hope for someone to negotiate and use diplimatic means instead of brute force, hope for so many people in many ways -- obvious and less obvious. Other people had their hearts fall to their feet and disappointment fill them.

My hope is that everyone, no matter who they supported, can now turn around and support the man that will become President, and help him make our country better, help him heal some of the wounds, and to set aside partisan politics to solve problems. Big problems.

This January will bring change to all of America. Let's all pray that there is a way out of this mess we're in. Let's hope our President, Congress and Supreme Court can work in such a way that we can recapture the greatness our land once had. If nothing else, it's going to be very interesting for many ambasadors to present their official letters to a US President named Obama.

The election and all the tension leading up to it tired me out. I want to see hope for good in the change that is coming. We voted for change. I hope it's good change.

God bless our new President-elect, and God bless John McCain for his hard work and sacrifice. He is a hero and has put himself up to be a servant of the people for many years. I wish him well. No matter what happens, I hope America is the winner.

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