Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tomorrow we only have the kiddies until 1 and then we have professional development stuff to do. I'm tired so that seems like a good idea.

Found www.twitter.com today after listening to an NPR story. Interesting. Already have at least one friend there.

It's been a busy week and continues so. I got a lady to come work on my exterior on Monday. My hedges got trimmed and some of the back part of the yard got cleaned up some. I want my yard to look pretty, but I'm lousy at doing the outside work.

Liam wants to come spend the night with his Grammy and it looks good for Saturday. The diva of all things clean comes tomorrow and I fear I will disappoint her by being a bigger slob than usual. I generally try to clean up a bit before she comes, but I've just been so tired out when I get home, I've been useless once I've gotten home, but lord I've been working hard at work.

I was cleared to finish my 3-day registration yesterday. They got my doc release, so I paid for my towel service and told them to pair me up with a random person to tent with. I fear they get the raw end of that deal as I have been told I snore. I've looked at some pix from previous walks and the people seem to fight the cold (I suspect in the early am.) so I want to get a good windbreaker that is waterproof and has a zip in/out warmth liner. I got some gloves this week. I have one pair of thermal undies. I suspect I better find a couple more pair. I'm suspecting that packing shorts is much less necessary than packing long pants. I suppose ideally I'd get those zip off legs that make pants turn into shorts, but I don't know if I can find any that are big enough to go around my butt.

Really, really tired. I'm going to head to bed now. Should be more interesting stuff later in the week.

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Susan said...

I worry about you doing too much! Take it easy, get more rest!

Got a chuckle out of your line:

I got a lady to come work on my exterior on Monday...

Oh, you mean the yard work! LOL

Enjoy your half day!