Friday, August 15, 2008

Who knew?

It appears that Bigfoot is from Georgia! See this CNN story. This story also has some interesting detais. Also from CNN....these details. Somehow, the image of a Bigfoot from Georgia is a little disturbing. Not because I'm afraid of them or anything. But, because it's like the Deliverance version of Science. You can almost hear the banjo in the background. Now, I understand that these gentlemen are upstanding members of the community with good references. They've turned the body over to science investigators in California for independent testing. That's good. All the same, why couldn't Bigfoot have been found in Wyoming instead of Georgia? (If it is indeed something we might characterize as Bigfoot.) Redneck mentality wasn't bad enough, now we can be characterized as the 1st cousins to Bigfoot. Sigh. How unfortunate -- especially for the dead Bigfoot.

Made it to Friday again. Two weeks down, about 34 to go. :)

Oh dear. Now the AP has picked up the story.

And lastly.........the person that thought THIS was a good idea, hasn't worked in a classroom recently. The part that is disturbing most to me is that they actually considered letting students have weapons too. Ugly idea. Very ugly.


vennersd said...

Redneck mentality? I have been other places that I know theres worse.Could always be a Emory grad! Ha Ha. Now thats where stupid is learned. This is I guess where we part ways. Sis, Live long and prosper. See Ya.

Jenny said...

I just read that bigfoot has some 'possum DNA. I'd hate to meet that 'possum on the back porch!

Calypso said...

It's a hoax