Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ready, Set, CREW!

Saturday morning was an orientation for CREW members for the Atlanta 3-Day. I'm on the "Bus Liaison" crew. Turns out there are only 7 or so people with my job. My duties include entertainment of walkers too tired to continue walking but waiting on the bus to be carried back to camp and the bus can't leave until it's full. I'm to dress up for the part. A prospect that delights me and which I think may include dee-del-dee-bompers, but I digress. The crew that "guards" solo walkers and helps with traffic management arrived while I was outside. I made them get together so I could take a pic. Now, off to the side of the picture are all kinds of really macho motorcycles. It was fun to get with folks who have done the 3-Day before and see their commitment. I took notes, and actually had a fun time as they gave us an overview of what to expect.
I turned in my request for personal time so I can do the 3-Day, but haven't heard back if it's approved or not.
I'm catching a cold. I woke up in the night with the scratchy throat and stuffy nose.
I have to work harder on getting ready for the 3-Day. I have lists of things to do or get. It seems like it will be a growing and interesting experience.
I got to meet a member of the 16 member team that raised the most funds last year. And, it's all about getting money for the research. These people are really dedicated to getting the bucks so the "cure" can be found. This is good news for me. I need them to be dedicated and to get the money and to keep fueling the research.
Just as a general reminder, the goal of $2200 is still elusive and if you'd like to throw $5 to 50 or more dollars at cancer, it'd be appreciated. Check out I was shocked by the people there who asked their friends for minimum donations of $100 each and got them! Holy crap! They know folks in a whole different economic bracket than me, evidentally! It's mercinary to ask for money, but it's where the solutions to the cancer problem come from. It's the money that buys the little naked mice that the researchers need, and make the drugs, and pay for their beakers and white coats, and whatever else they need. I feel honored for ever cent anyone sends on my behalf. Thanks! Because many of you have sent money, and evey penny is something you do to honor me and the other cancer victims out there. But keep sending money. We've got a long way to go. Don't do it because you like us, do it because you hate cancer.

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