Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Open House

Tonight was open house at school (another one Thursday night) so we didn't have to report until noon today. The room got very dusty and grimy over the summer so we've been using 409 and some elbow grease to get the place spiffed up. The room looks nice and my case files have been found. I'm really, really tired tonight. I worked mostly on the computer today doing lesson plans, our course syllabus and getting ready for all the flurry of special education forms I'll have to send out.

The cleaning goddess came today so I have clean sheets, and a clean house.

Tomorrow our day starts out with a 4 hour faculty meeting. Can I just tell you how EXCITED I am about that? YIKES! ARE THEY NUTS? I'm not excited about that at all!

Anyone have about 120 dead tennis balls? The make nice little "socks" for the desks, and help preserve the floor. It keeps the room quieter too. I need the dead tennis balls from a couple of tennis teams!

Must sleep. Very, very, very tired tonight.

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