Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We had a motivational speaker come today for a MANDITORY training. It ran from 8:30 to Noon. He was a really good speaker, but my gosh my butt was really screaming by the time it was done.

Got our classrolls today, and if they really hold at these numbers we'll have no more than 27 in a class, which would be a nice change from years previous where we had 32 in the class. Our room is too small for 32 plus two teachers.

Tomorrow is another late night at school. I don't have to go in until noon though. There will be a LOT more families and kids dropping by tomorrow night though.

I was a little stronger today, although I came very, very close to nodding off during that speaker for a moment this morning. People are interesting. Most are taking time to tell me they are glad to see me back. Some are wondering why they haven't seen me in a while (duh?), and then there are the ones that feel COMPELLED to tell me about anyone they have EVER known that had cancer of any description. Sigh. Please hand the latter folks a CLUE.

Must sleep now. Romeo, did you hear that? We both need to sleep. No spunky interruptions to the Sandman tonight at 2AM!


Susan said...

I think it stops being motivational after about 30 minutes. After that you are motivated to do lots of other things, like find a bathroom, eat something, make a to do list, wonder what's for lunch, compose a blog post about this speaker...

Glad to hear you are surviving the first days back to work, hang in there!

dgray1130 said...

After all that, you took the time to call and chat with me. Thanks buddy. I'm glad you are surviving well the first days of school. Wish I could say it will get easier....but the kids will soon arrive. lol Love and hugs, Diane

Amber said...

Sending my prayers and good thoughts your way for tomorrow morning! Remember - the children who are twerps to you can't come close to cancer, and you beat cancer with a big stick! I know you can do this!
Much love and many blessings,

Watercolor said...

Hope school goes well this week.