Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here's me taking a picture of me at that cool beach in Cozumel. As you can see, my hair is now long enough to be carried into the wind, and there was a lot of wind there. It felt wonderful because it was in the high 80's (maybe low 90's) and the wind made it feel wonderful; not hot. Only 6 days ago. Sigh.

A dear friend sent me the special tote provided by The Lydia Project when I was in the middle of my treatment. It was a lovely present that came to me when I was weak. My tote was titled "Faith." At the time I had a lot and a little, swinging back and forth between the two extremes like a schizophrenic on crack. It was very affirming. I use it now to carry all my art supplies for sketching, and when I see it, a smile always comes to my face. Our little support group that meets the last Tuesday of the month is going to start making and stuffing pillows to be used to cushion seat belts across the chest. Nothing so grand as The Lydia Project, but it's our way to speak to the needs in our community.

Jewel and I hung out together today and she was in a delightful mood. Yeah! The best news, however, was that my health insurance that had gotten muddled up due to the end of the school year, has been re-instated. Pretty good news as I (a) need to refill some expensive meds, and (b) am scheduled for a new procedure next week! Close call there! All is well now though.

I am looking forward to tomorrow because I am (a) childless, (b) hoping to be decadent and rest some, (c) want to get my suitcases back to their places, as in unpacked!, (d) need to go grocery shopping, and (e) need to do a water exchange for the fish. The cats annoyed me tonight until they had litter changed, fresh food and water, and if Romeo keeps annoying me, his life expectancy could go down! Nahhhh, he's my favorite cat, but he also knows how to REALLY drive me up a wall when he wants to.

The Rome Street Gallery in Carrollton, where I get art supplies and take some of my art lessons, is doing a cool project to raise money for the Carroll County Soup Kitchen. The Gallery is selling small packets of what are called "Artist Trading Cards." For $2.49 you can buy a packet of the cards and make miniature art projects. At the end of August they are going to COVER the walls of the gallery with all the cards turned in, and on 9/11/08 (no, it's not a coincidence) they will host a showing of the works. For $10 each piece bought, you can own a piece of art that someone did in pencil, chalk, acrylic, oil or other medium. I'm not sure anyone would want to buy one of my original pieces, but I suspect lots of moms and dads will buy student works, and there are some very good artists that will have their special works bid for via a silent auction. The Soup Kitchen needs an infusion of funds right now as so many are turning to it due to the Recession. I think this is a clever way to commemorate an awful date, but use the funds for positive and present needs.

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Great picture!!! I hope your trip was wonderful!!!