Friday, July 18, 2008

3-Day Adventures

I got prompted by the 3-day people to fill out a medical form. You can't do anything for them (Walk or Crew) unless you've given them your medical history -- which is a little on the extensive side for me. So, I was messing around on my participant page and thought I'd look for any "practice" walk stuff going on, though I was doubtful there'd be anything close to us out here in FAR WEST NOWHERE GEORGIA. So I ran the search and SURPRISE (really!) there was a practice walk about 3/4ths of a mile from my townhome! Wowzers! So, this Saturday (tomorrow), Jenn and I are going to go do this event. I'm not real motivated to even begin to think I'll walk the six whole miles, but I will walk what I feel up to, and that's fine. Here's is the information which totally surprised me!

After we do this we're running up to Rockmart for a cool craft fair. I'm looking forward to both efforts. I think it'll be fun. So.....hiking boots or regular shoes? Hummmmmm.

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