Saturday, July 26, 2008

Preparation for 3-Day Walk

Today Jenn and Jewel and I went to a preparation event for the 3-Day. They had workshops on how to pack, what to bring, and how to dress properly. I met the lady who is in charge of CREW assignments, and she said she will e-mail me my assignment so I can know what I'll end up doing.

Jenn went to a workshop on raising funds to meet her donation goal. Jewel had a poop and she was "on-call" for work, and so she had to leave the workshop. Clearly, however, she has to get some ideas for money-making and get them cooking SOON. She has two sponsors lined up but clearly needs more assistance getting up the funds.

The walk is probably good for the emotional part of this issue, but ultimately is the cold, hard cash that is needed to develop the right treatments for this terrible disease. Doctors, oncology nurses, and patients know at a deep level, that current treatments though more advanced than ever, are still barbarically primitive. Some treatments seem more like Medieval torture than some kind of medical "treatment." Those sisters who come after me, deserve to have a treatment that (a) works more reliably, and (b) isn't so awful to endure in order to have a chance at life. Some of the monies also go to local hospitals and providers of services to those in treatment. For instance my local hospital wants to develop a correllary to "Cardiac Rehab" and have a Cancer Rehab area. Exercise for those undergoing chemotherapy has to be modified. Many people undergoing treatment may also have a lot of self-consciousness about appearance, scars, lack of hair, lack of body parts, or radiation burns. A safe place to be engaged in positive re-building of the body sounds like a wonderful goal locally. I hope their proposal to Susan G. Komen will be funded.

Neither Jenn, nor I are smart about fund-raising. Anyone that has experience in how to go about doing this efficiently and effectively, we're open to ideas! PLEASE give us ideas!


Watercolor said...

Have you and she sent out letters and emails to everyone you and she know? And her husband? That is how my sister raised her money for her marathon for lymphoma.

Calypso said...

If you are tight with any of your local retail stores, like your grocery store etc. You might ask them to sponsor her through their store?
Of course large companies like Publix and Kroger have their own corporate thing going on, but perhaps a local restaurant you frequent? Where you know the owners? You could make a donation can with a picture for on their cash register, and posters for their entrance door.
If you live in a friendly subdivision, you can organize a neighborhood garage sale with all or most of your neighbors participating. Have a percentage of the proceeds donated to the cause. Advertise the event in your local paper.
Ask your church if you can have a cookie/cake sale.
And yes, send emails.
I don't know if your blog resulted in many donations, don't know how many readers you have, but email everyone, like on the caregivers groups site etc...

Ya gotta honk your horn...LOUD!
We used to organize our neighborhood garage sales, it was fun, and not too much work. Let me know if you need some ideas on how to set that up.

Have a great Sunday!