Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cancer Support Group

Tuesday night I went to the Breast Cancer Support Group. My fun fact to know and tell for the day is that physicians are not required to do any kind of pro-bono work. Physicians are SUGGESTED to give 50 hours a year of service to the indigent. A physician CAN refuse to see any patient, for example patients who are Medicare or Medicaid only. Patients who are Medicaid are considered indigent (duh!).

What this means is that if you are below 65 and poor and using Medicaid because you're disabled, you cant find physicians who will treat you. In our area of western Georgia, there is not one surgeon that will see a Medicaid patient. What this means is that if you are suffering and need surgery, you're screwed. In fact, you can die looking for a surgeon who would take your case.

There are a lot of folks who think we have the best medical system in the world. I tend to think that we're only great if we take care of the most fragile among us. So how we treat children (Our governor stopped providing children with prosthetics. If you were born with one leg, the State of Georgia will not provide you with a prosthetic one.) and how we treat the poor (The State of Georgia is allowing people to die, rather than ensure they get simple tests, minimal medical treatment, or appropriate mental health care.) and the elderly (Just try getting on the waiting list for elder services! You have to wait -- sometimes years -- for someone to die in order to get Meals on Wheels, or other elder services.). That sure says a lot about who our lawmakers think are important / worthy of treatment. Consider these kinds of things when you vote.

Monday I go back to work for the first time since September 19th. I've gotten a preview of what retirement might be like and I have to say I LIKE IT. But given that if I don't work, I probably get to live under a bridge, I guess I'll go back to work on Monday. Six more years until I get to do the real retirement thing.

I hope you and those you love are well this evening.


Anonymous said...

So,move to another state.

Watercolor said...

Amen. Try having a chronic uninsurable illness. Government doesn't give a damn and won't help. You just have to be independently wealthy apparently to get adequate care..... Family values my foot. If we really had "family values" we'd take care of our sick, poor, elderly, and needy FIRST in our governmental financing priorities. Education next. THEN all the other stuff.

Johnnie said...

Well said. We can not afford to get sick.


Joann said...

Would that moving would be an actual answer. It isn't.

I totally agree with watercolor and Johnnie.

vennersd said...

I dont want to try having a cronic uninsurable illness. And no one can afford to be sick nomatter what it is.I just do not see where it is the governments responsabilty to provide for everybodys problems. But I guess as a tax payer I should just shut up and be expected to provide money for every cause that everybody thinks that government can solve. Government does not solve problems if you want to solve problems you need to look to free enterprize. Is that not why my nease has a website asking for donations to fight CANCER. You can sit around and wait for government to do what it does best, waist money and screw up everything it gets involved in or look for ways around the problems. Free market enterprize makes donations for a lot of things every year. For instance scottishrite hospital, doctors donate there time and money.Companys donate money. Private people donate like myself. Unfortunatly there is always going to be more missery than people and resorces to fix everything. But with a government run school system that is fast putting our nation at the forth world level. I understand how you people think that YOU cant work on your own problems and need to have an official government seal stamped on them. Oh by the way when you remember all this when you vote. Remember that when you vote for people that promise government hand outs for every cause that you feel so touchey feelly about. you are also voting your rights away and mine. So the govnernore does not think that the state should privide artafical limbs for childern. But there is lots of private enterprize that will and does help with that. But thank GOD that theres people like him in government that think government should stay out of my life! My sister cant bring herself to say we live in the greatist nation on earth. But I doubt that she would realy like living like a true communist. Oh by the the way just so everybody can be PC and be OFFENDED and know who to have your witch hunt for this is her Brother Derrick L Venners

Calypso said...
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Johnnie said...

A big thankyou to Venersd.
I always enjoy reading the opinion of others.

Joann said...

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I understand the points made. While I certainly don't endorse a Communist shift in our government, I do think there is a place for minimum coverage for all. As indicated, that's part of our voting responsibility -- get folks in office that reflect our opinion. I've voted against Sonny twice, but the majority elect, so there he is. I'm all about private enterprise and support it wholeheartedly. My hope would be that somehow our nation could piece together a way of taking care of the poor, the disabled and the suffering. It wouldn't matter to me if it was a patchwork of public and private funds. Presently, however, the sick and poor are genuinely left to die. Cancer is a bad way to go. I'd like to be MORE proud of my country for figuring out how to save people than let them be expendable. Ultimately there is room for lots of opinions, though. I respect everyone's viewpoint.