Saturday, June 21, 2008

Small Town Adventures

We went to the local Saturday farmer's market this morning. Not early enough to get blackberries, but early enough so that afterwards we could go out for breakfast.

Came home and started searching on the web for the perfect fold-up beach bag, carry-on, humongus purse. I may or may not have found one, but it's ordered and on it's way. I was surprised where I found it (QVC) but if you look at the pictures, it has all kinds of interior pockets, which is a must! I can pack it in my suitcase and then use it when going to the pool, the beaches or on return home for souvenirs.

The excitement is building around here. We all feel like the kids in the Disney advertisement who exclaim, "I'm too excited to sleep!"

I've made my personal check-off list of what will have to go in my suitcase. My other bathing suit that I ordered (so I have two) came and so I have one to put on that won't be cold and wet (I hope.). I was surprised though that though the style of the newest one is different, the fabric is a different color of the same print. Didn't know when I ordered it that it was the same print as the first suit I got from these folks.

Attire, ESPECIALLY bathing suits, is a whole new challenge now that a major portion of me has been removed! It's not impossible though and I'm much more concerned about people seeing my fat thighs, than I am them seeing a peek of my scars.

July 5th is our departure date. "I'm so excited I can't sleep!"

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