Thursday, June 26, 2008

Packing Already & New Surgery

I've bought new panties (Jenn) so I don't embarass myself (or anyone else) by having panties that aren't up to snuff. I have put out my suitcase and am putting things in it off my list. The FIND of the day was a pair of snazzy flipflops that I can wear either to the pool on the boat, or as nice dinner shoes that are fancier than my sandles. In general I don't think flipflops are shoes for dressy attire, but it's a boat for crying out loud in the Carribbean. Dressy attire has a different interpretation.

The trip feels more excitingly close as I put each and every item into the suitcase.

OH and the good news of the day is that Emory called and my scar revision has been approved by my insurance! When we get back from the trip I'll schedule the surgery, which should not be a huge deal. I will have to have a general anesthesia, but I will be happy to get rid of this irritating, painful and dense area of nerves that is a result of the mastectomy on my right side. I wish it could have been done a month ago, but oh well. At least I'll be able to heal for a week by the time school starts. (I hope.) What day from July 23rd or after will work for your schedule, Jenn?

Not feeling awfully well tonight, so I'm heading to bed.


Allen said...

Have fun.

I have also never seen a pair of snazzy flipflops. If you get a chance, put up a picture, but don't worry about it.

I am just about to go for a walk, the company has a program where they will reward me for walking. So far this month I have walked 148 miles.

Amber said...

If it were me, I would probably be found in a "dressy" Caribbean-themed muu-muu with my snazzy flipflops! It's all about comfort...

Watercolor said...

The crocs flip flops are very comfy!!! If you need another pair. :)

Here's hoping someone gets to see your panties. :) heh.