Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Paint and Stain and He Men

The bedroom is painted, and I have my new curtains up. Putting the curtains up about did my in! I moved some furniture this morning to help the guys get ready for painting. That is what totally wore me out very first thing. When Jewel took her nap this morning, I took her up to the loft and we both flaked out for a while (there is a bed up there).

I like the color but it is not quite what I anticipated. It's still nice though. I have the part of the bed I sleep on cleared of crap. The cats are confused and very distressed at the change in furniture and the strangers coming and going.

The outdoor fence is being stained a beautiful walnut color. I hope the stain makes it stay new looking longer.

I have some sorting and cleaning to do before I bring things back into the bedroom. I also need a new table to set the computer on. The existing table is about buckle under the pressure of all the crap I have sitting on it. I also want to get new light switch plates that match the room colors.

I HAVE to sleep now. Between exhaustion and meds, I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. My throat sure is sore though. I'll be glad when this cold or whatever it is has passed my by. I don't like feeling crumby.

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