Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Improvement Around The House

Wowie, zowie! Yesterday they painted my bedroom. They started on the staining of the fence. Today they installed a water feature, dug out the old beds that I tried to kill all the plants, cover with black stuff, and then covered the black stuff with pebbles. That was two years ago, and they'd become all weedy and messy.

The beds look all nice now, new black stuff is down, the black stuff has been treated with round up and covered with about a half-ton of river rock. Two light fixtures were switched out yesterday, and today there was a new plug in made outside to accommodate the plug for the new fountain and light. I got a new concrete pot that I'll fill tomorrow, and they made a flower bed out of castle rock and MiracleGrow-type dirt.

My house interior looks like it's been hit by a tornado, but the cleaning goddess comes tomorrow to help me put things in order. I'm exhausted from being a gopher for things needed for the work around here, and also from physical therapy. I get to go back and be tortured again on Friday. Man, the stuff they have me do, and that they do to my shoulder is SO painful that I was about to levitate off the table today! Yipes!

I got a nap yesterday and still tired myself out but good. No nap today, so I'm feeling VERY tired tonight. I still have a sore throat and head cold. I feel like crap! My throat hurts, hurts, hurts and my head and ears hurt. In fact if my ears hurt much more, I'm going to declare them infected. At this point I have no idea what doctor to call about a sore throat. Do I call the oncologist or my internist? I'm nervous abou the idea that I might end up on antibiotics because I don't want to end up with thrush again. What a vicious cycle! Despite the fact that I feel awufl, however, I've very excited at how nice the interior and exterior are looking overall. If I don't wear myself to a frazzle tomorrow I'll post some pix.


Watercolor said...

rest and get well. hugs!! what color is your bedroom now?

Joann said...

BR has gone from a rosey beige (that I still like in the rest of the house) to a very pale teal. It's fresh and light and really changes the feel of the bedroom. I wish it would have been possible to paint it like this when I was doing chemo and saw WAY too much of my bedroom! It's nice now though. I paid a pretty price, but those two guys worked their tookus' off yesterday and today!

Anonymous said...

Ann, so sorry you are feeling crappy- your oncologist should be able to help you or at least tell you who to call. If it is an infection, maybe your doc could give you an antibiotic injection instead of making you take so many pills.
But what a lot of good work you had done to your place! Can't wait to see pics of all the improvements and your new fountain.
Hope you wake up feeling much better-- is Jewel sick?
Love from Leslie