Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Believe it or not, I got my short, short hair trimmed today. The straggly little hairs that held on for dear life and never fell out through chemo were few and far between. As my hair grew out those little fuzzy hairs ended up giving me a more straggly look. So they got carefully trimmed today and I got a lesson in how to make the little hair I have look as feminine as possible.

I enjoyed visiting back at school today and seeing many colleagues as they are wrapping up the school year.

I finally have the cable to transfer data from the old CPU to the new one. I had to go 3 different places before I was able to find one. Physical therapy tomorrow, but maybe I can coordinate a transfer of data and get the new computer up and running before this one dies an ugly death.

Busy day with lots to do today. Going to hold the pillows down on the bed now.

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Susan said...

Hi Joann! Thanks for all your comments while I was gone! I have been catching up on reading blogs. It looks like you have been busy as usual. I can't believe you are getting a hair cut! I am sure it was good to see all your friends at school, will you be going back there in the fall? The pink dogwoods are awesome, I always wanted to get one, but since we live in the woods already, not much place to plant any more trees.

Have a great day!