Monday, May 26, 2008

Dogwoods and Theology

When I say I bought two dogwood trees, they really are trees! They are at least 8-feet tall, if not more. The root balls were huge, and I suspect the weight of each tree probably was something like 80 to 100 lbs. I took two men to load them into the bed of the pick up. Getting them off involved a strategic "fall" off the tailgate of the truck into the hole.

Here's early preparation with R. as the main muscle power behind digging. He's standing right in front of my place and you can see the edge of my neighbor's house behind him.

Here's a look from the other direction. You can see the other three townhomes. I drove over everyone's front yard in order to get to mine and deliver bricks and trees. Home no one is upset about that. A. I thought I had a picture with you in it, but I managed to mess something up because I can't find it. Sorry about that. You have a lot of sweat involved in this project too!

This picture shows both trees in the ground and the final surrounds. It was too dark when I took it so you can't see it really well. I'll try to get a better picture up tomorrow, so you can see better.

Today was EfM graduation and a really great party over at S.'s house. We all converged there and toured her really incredible yard and lovely home. This picture is all the graduates of 4 years of theological study and our mentor.

From left to right is: E., C., myself, S. and our mentor J. I really liked how C. held her certificate up to the sky so her mom, dad and husband could see that she did it! E. gets the award for most persistent, having taken a one year break off to have twin boys, and driving from Canton for the last five months of the year this year! S. gets the award for the most traveled. She has been to more countries and gotten more passport stamps in one year than anyone who doesn't work for the State Department. J. gets the award for putting up with some really brassy gals this year. I don't know if any other EfM group has ever had mastectomy show and tell, or had prosthetic breasts passed around the table so everyone could "cop a feel." It's been a tough job keeping us on track and making sure we didn't offend the Almighty or one another with our impulsive thoughts, words and deeds! Congratulations for surviving us, J.

I don't know what the rest of you all are doing with your Monday evenings from now on, but I'm starting an art class on Monday evenings for six weeks starting June 9th.

I'm a tired girl and I'm going to bed.

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