Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting By

This week has been a bit of a race to just get by with appointments and responsibilities.

Tomorrow I'm going to a conference in Atlanta on my kind of cancer. It's an all day thing, and I'm driving the morning push-and-shove to get to the conference. I looked at the address of the hotel I'm staying at and interestingly it's the same address as the one where the conference is being held. But one is the Hyatt and one is the Marriott. Go figure. I'm just glad there isn't far to go when I have to lay down.

I'll be putting on make-up and boobs for this event!

Jewel has a sound she can make reliably now, "baaaa." It has no meaning, but we enjoyed walking around and singing baaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaa this morning.

I'm thinking of starting a book club. Not one where everyone reads the same book and talks about it, but rather one where you bring a book you've read to the club and then swap for a book you want to read. I've been reading a good bit more lately than I have in some time, so it'd be a nice way to get some new reading for free. It would also be a fun excuse to open a bottle of wine, have some hor de overs and meet new folks.

I've been giving some consideration to putting a raised bed on either side of my front yard to cut down on the portion of "lawn" that requires maintenance. I was thinking of a center tree with some perennials around the tree. I have a fondness for bleeding heart, but some books say we don't have enough cold weather here for them to be able to re-grow. I don't know what kind of tree I'd put in either. The dirt in my front yard is very depleted and not very rich at all. I could put good stuff in the raised bed, but ultimately the tree roots would have to go down in to the red clay and survive. It would be nice if it was a tree that grew quickly so that I wasn't looking at a stick for five years while it grew two inches a year. I also was looking at Jenn's Martha Stewart magazine and really liked the peonies I saw in there. I don't know jack about when to plant, or anything about care, but I think they'd be a pretty plant to go around the tree. I'd like to find a place where I could "harvest" some used brick, instead of having to pay big bucks for that castle rock stuff. Big dreams. Probably require big bucks too. Oh well, need to set the clock for 5 and get ready to get out quick in the am.

I'll take pix.


Anonymous said...

Go to it Girl!!! You go in and enjoy your conference. How about a Japanese Maple? I love the idea about the raised gardens. Got to run, exhausted trying to get the restrurant open. Love, Randy

Anonymous said...

Ann, talk to a good nursery person about what will grow in your area and soil. There is no point putting out the money if it won't do well. I think your idea is a great one. If your area will support peonies they don't mind clay. I had them in NE and they did well. Do you get cold enough for them?