Saturday, May 31, 2008

Farmer's Market & Pool

This morning I got to go to the C'ton Farmer's Market. It was interesting to see all the different kinds of things that folks were selling. It wasn't just produce, but also jewelry, children's clothing, soap, pottery and herbs. I bought some natural soap to see if the mild soap will ease some recent skin problems I've developed.

I also got a few skeins of yarn at Hobby Lobby. I've made 1/2 of a shawl. It really went FAST today. It's been something like 30 years since I did any crocheting, but it seems that one doesn't forget. I love the yarn I selected. If it all works out, I hope whoever gets it likes it as much as I do. They are doing a prayer shawl ministry at my church. I didn't think it would go together this fast, but it is, so it appears I'll have one to give to them in the next week or so.

There was a low country boil down by the pool tonight and Eric was thoughtful enough to make some that wasn't spicy. It was really, really good too! Lots of kids, and moms and dads. A friend of Jenn's came with her three and we all had a pretty good time, except for the mosquitoes. I took a picture of Jewel floating in the pool that I'll post tomorrow. It's just cute as it can be. Her mom was a real water baby. I had to watch her like a hawk because she'd get her hands and arms and legs all going exactly like she was supposed to to swim, and if I wasn't careful she'd jump in the water and there'd she go swimming. The only problem was that she had a negative buoyancy and she'd be holding her breath and swimming about a foot under water. Luckily, I did watch her like a hawk and she is now a momma with her own water babies.

Cats are all piled in with me in bed now. I've taken my night meds, and although I haven't started to drool yet, I feel myself sliding away. It's time to turn off the computer. Night all.

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