Monday, April 14, 2008


Today the ortho said that I had an impinged rotator cuff and bicep tendonitis and that was what was causing my shoulder problems. He Rx'd physical therapy.

They say on the tv that it is warmer right now in northern Montana than it is here tonight! Wow, who'd have thought. All the plants I put out this past weekend, I had to cover up or bring in. Grrrr.

Got a bunch of stuff to make earrings with to try and sell at the Saturday yard sale. I also got my tiles back from the kiln. I'm very excited about a special piece that came back and which I was able to glaze. It's going to be back in time for my special need. I like it. It's a nice original piece.

I have a guy coming tomorrow to give me an estimate for the fence work I want done. Wednesday another fellow is coming to do the same. It'll be interesting to see what kind of price they come up with.

If I hadn't decided on who to vote for before, it's been given to me today! Obama has actually talked with leaders in Cuba and is saying that he will loosen the trade restrictions to Cuba. He's already talked to someone? This would be great for Cuba, a country that has suffered tremendously from increasingly more stringent embargo laws. The people who made the bad decisions around the Cuban Missile Crisis are pretty much senile or dead. It's time to encourage diplimatic relations with, and develop trade and travel to this impoverished country. I have to wonder what George W. got out of the knowledge that he made it harder and more difficult for the poor in Cuba after he tighted the embargo? It's been over 40 years! Give me a break! We seem to have better relationship with the old Soviet block countries than we do Cuba, and go figure -- Cuba is only 90 miles away and if the embargo were done away with, they would be a great market close to our shores. I have to wonder what goes through "W's" brain sometimes.

Going to go sleep now. I WAY overdid it today. I see the onc tomorrow and I've got to be up and awake when the queen of cleaning arrives in the morning. Gosh I love her. The intake form today at the physical therapy place, asked me if I could hold the hairdryer ok when drying my hair? Hehehehehehe. I'll post a picture soon of my "hair." Im excited that it's I have some coming in!

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Watercolor said...

Amen on W and Obama.